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PLEASE READ: All of our Gorgeous, Sweet Kittens are Registered. They have CFA &/or ACA bloodlines, Champion Pedigrees & are DNA NEGATIVE for Kitty Diseases of Polycystic Kidney Disease, Retinal Atrophy, Cardiomyopathy. All of our kittens have $700 worth of medical work, 2 series of Respiratory Vaccinations FVRCP (Feline Viral, Rhinotracheitis, Calicivirus & Panleukopenia. Wormings, Advantage Flea Prevention & $300 worth of registration Papers, Champion Pedigrees, DNA papers & a Written Guaranty. (Breeding rights are $1000 extra.) (Blue Boxes = Boy & Pink Boxes = Female) $300 deposit to hold a kitten goes toward the price! Kittens cannot be adopted until 8 weeks. No delivery & no shipping! You must read the Yellow Box (Prevention is better than the cure) & have your supplies before you come or you can purchase our kit for $100.

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Only a Licensed Veterinarian can give medical advice but we can tell you
what has worked for us over the years:

1. WE FEED HIGH-QUALITY FOOD as Science Diet & Iams because good nutrition is vital for good health.   A little Evaporated milk in a bowl on your lap in the morning & canned food or table scraps cut small & placed in a treat dish, on your lap, in your recliner, every evening, will teach your kitty that your lap is a very nice place to be.  We never clip nails, give medicine, or pull out a mat on our laps.  The hands are for petting & not for grabbing the kitty's tummy to make them bite.  That may look cute when they are little,
but when they grow up, they will jump to bite your hands while you are on the computer, etc & will make you mad & it's your fault. Play with them with dangly toys & laser lights, but not with your hands!  

2. WE DEWORM OUR CATS MONTHLY and our kittens we worm at 4 weeks of age and every 2 weeks until 6 months old & then monthly.  We use Strongid Wormer, proportionate mgs to their weight, mixed into their favorite canned food.

3. IF DIARRHEA OCCURS & they have wormed already, something else is wrong.  We use an over-the-counter anti-d