A. Shnugglepucker is our Seal Bicolor Ragdoll Stud born 5-28-2004 & yes he is 17 years old!


B. Octavius is a Male Seal Bicolor Ragdoll from Cats By Francy


C. King Puff is our White Ragamuffin male Stud born 1-22-2018

D. Our Seal Mitted Ragdoll stud is "Big Foot Sasquatch" born 5-10-2012

E. "Leonardo the Lion" is our Lynx Mitted Ragdoll Stud born 10-8-2019

F1. Our Black Ragamuffin Stud born 11-6-2018 is "Wooly Bully"

F2. Wooly Bully is our Black Ragamuffin Stud born 11-6-2018. Their coats change in color & length from Winter's coat being lighter in color & longer in length to their Summer's darker & thinner coats, depending on temperature.

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G. Lolas Lacey is our Bicolor Lynx Ragdoll born 4-23-2017. She married Wooly & they have 2 beautiful Brown & White Ragamuffin kittens born 5-31-2021. See Kitten page!

H. "Heaven" is our Seal Mitted Ragdoll female born 2-29-2016

I. "MINKA" is a Clown Faced Bicolor Ragdoll born 6-12-2018 at Cats By Francy & owned by Crystal Castille. We have 2 baby Ragdoll Clown faced kittens ready to leave mama August 2021.

J. "Daisy May" is our Seal Bicolor (Clown Faced) Ragdoll female born 10-26-2015

K. "Katie Anna Blaze" is our female Ragdoll Seal Mitted with Blaze born 1-28-2010. She is married to Shnuggle!

L. "Lady Lola" is our Mitted Lynx Ragdoll female born 4-21-2016

M. "Cinderella" is our Chinchilla Silver Persian female born 9-1-2009

N. "Navy Blue" is a Blue Point Mitted Ragdoll of Cats By Francy & now owned by Nicole Sellers

Blue Point Mitted Ragdoll

O. Ragdoll Lana Lynx was born 4-21-2016 to Big Foot & Lucy & she has a 459 Champion Pedigree


P. "Punkin Pie" is our Seal Mitted Ragdoll female born 3-4-2016

Q. Queen "Panda" is our gorgeous little Bicolor Ragamuffin female born 9-3-2019

Panda Bicolor

S. Ragamuffin female "Sue Moki" was born 7-4-2020

S. Snicker Doodle is our Ragdoll Seal Mitted female born 12-30-2011


W. Whitney Guerrero's Blue Point Mitted Ragdoll from Cats By Francy she named "Bella"