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A. STUD Black Ragamuffin born 11-6-2018 to Beauty & Big Foot named "Wooly Bully"

A. "Francy's FLUFFINGTON" was born 3/16/2022 at Cats By Francy from Leonardo & Gracie & is a Seal Point Ragamuffin!

A. "Katie Anna Blaze" is our female Ragdoll Seal Mitted with Blaze born 1-28-2010.

A. "Leonardo the Lion" is our Seal Lynx Point Ragdoll Stud born 10-8-2019

A. King Puff is our White Ragamuffin male Stud born 1-22-2018

A. King Puff is our White Stud Ragamuffin (Doll faced Persian) another picture 2022

A. Our Seal Mitted Ragdoll stud is "Big Foot Sasquatch" born 5-10-2012

A. Shnugglepucker is our Seal Bicolor Ragdoll Stud born 5-28-2004 & he is now 19 years old!

Ragdoll Bicolor

A. Snicker Doodle is our Ragdoll Seal Mitted female born 12-30-2011


A. Stud Black Ragamuffin born 11-6-2018 to Beauty & Big Foot named "Wooly Bully". Winter coat is lighter in color & longer length & Summer coat is darker & thinner, depending on temperature.

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A. Stud CAT MAN DO is our Ragdoll Seal Mitted stud born to Raggedy Andy & Twinkie 3-19-2015.

B. Our Blue Mitted female Ragdoll of Cats By Francy was born 5/13/2022 & is named "My Blue Heaven"

B. White Ragamuffin "Francys Powder Puff" was born 11/4/2019 to King Puff & Lady Lana.

B. "Heaven" is our Seal Mitted Ragdoll female born 2-29-2016 to Skyler & Big Foot

B. "Lady Lola" is our Mitted Lynx Ragdoll female born 4-21-2016

B. "Punkin Pie" is our Seal Mitted Ragdoll female born 3-4-2016 to Tweety Pie & Raggedy Andy


B. Blue Bicolor Ragdoll female SAFFIRE was born 1-27-2021 to Big Foot & Snickers.

B. Blue Mitted Ragdoll STAR BRITE was born 1-27-2021 to Big Foot & Snickers.

B. LULU is our sweet Mitted Lynx female born 4-23-2017 to Raggedy & Lola.

B. Octavius is a Male Seal Bicolor Ragdoll from Cats By Francy


B. Ragamuffin Tuxedo female "Sue Moki" was born 7-4-2020 to Beauty & Big Foot

B1. "PANDA" is our gorgeous Seal Bicolor Ragamuffin female born 9-3-2019 to La Dee Dah & King Puff.

Panda Bicolor

Bayou Gracie is our Blue & White Ragamuffin female born 11-7-2019 to Ragdoll Bayou Babe & Ragamuffin King Puff.

Bicolor Lynx female "Lolas Lacey" is our Ragdoll born 4-23-2017. She is married to Wooly, our Black Ragamuffin stud!

Blue Bayou is our Blue Point Ragamuffin born 11-9-2020 to King Puff & Bayou Babe.

C. "Cinderella" is our Chinchilla Silver Persian female born 9-1-2009

CL. "Daisy May" is our Seal Bicolor (Clown Faced) Ragdoll female born 10-26-2015 to Raggedy Andy & Tweety Pie.

CL2. "Marilyn" is our female Seal Point (Clown Faced) Ragamuffin born 5-11-2020 to Wooly & Daisy.

Francys Petunia is our Seal Mitted Ragdoll female of Big Foot & Punkin Pie born 5/24/2022.

Francys Punkin Pepper is our Ragdoll Seal Point female born to Big Foot & Punkin Pie 5/24/2022.

O. Ragdoll LANA LYNX was born 4-21-2016 to Big Foot & Lucy & has a 459 Champion Pedigree


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